I believe there are some other ways to say "I live alone". Can you provide me with some expression explaining its formality?

What about these:

  • be on (oneself). (?)
  • live with (oneself) (?)

Do these kinds of expressions indicate that the person is single or he/she is the only person who lives in the place (maybe he/she meet his/her partner somewhere else?)

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The only synonym I can think of is 'I lived by myself'. I wouldn't use 'oneself' here, as it is too impersonal and could be misinterpreted. Neither of these possible sentences suggests you live with a partner. You could, however, say 'I live alone with my partner', or, simply, 'I live with my partner' if it is clear you don't have children.


Just say "I live on my own" and if you have a partner somewhere else that is up to you to tell them.

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