Suggest, please, correct usage of word Embed. Is what from two usages is correct? (and why)

Editing is available only in embedded mode. (Mode is embedded ?)


Editing is available only in embed mode. (Mode is embed ?)

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Embed is by itself a verb, and it can't modify another noun. But in case of your sentence the word embed is supposed to modify/qualify a noun - mode. And hence a participle form of the verb - embed - is appropriate and correct.

There are two participle form - present participle and past participle.

So in your case it should be embedded mode

Usage Note for participle -

When the present participle (-ing from) is used, the noun it describes is (or was) the performer of the activity named by the participle. For example, in the sentence "The dog barks," the dog is the performer of the action (bark). It is a barking dog.

When the past participle (-ed, -en form) is used, the noun it describes is (or was) acted upon. For example, in The child is frightened by the dog, the child is the receiver of the action and is described as a frightened child.


Hope this helps.

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In this case it looks like "embed" is being used as the name of the mode making it a noun, thus while "embed" is normally a verb - in this case it's being used like a noun that's being used like an adjective. That said - it should probably be capitalized.

You can do this with just about any word:

Editing is only available in Embed mode.
Prancing is only available in Pony mode.
Pushing is only available in Push mode.

On the other hand; if the mode itself is embedded in something then by all means call it an "embedded mode" since in that case you are describing the condition of the mode; it's embedded (within something else).

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