"John has been offered a place/position at Leeds University".

"Kate applied for a place/position last month".

I thought 'position' should be used in the second sentence and both options were right in the first one. Am I wrong? What is the difference between 'position' and 'place'?

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    A place at university would be assumed to mean 'as a student', while a position would be a job there. Commented Apr 20, 2020 at 13:11

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A position in a company or organization is a job.

If you get a place in a team, on a committee, or on a course of study, for example, you are accepted as a member of the team or committee or as a student on the course. That's why, as Kate has mentioned in her comment, "John has been offered a place at Leeds University" would mean that John has been accepted as a student.

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