I am wondering whether in the following sentences the usage of "over" is optional or it makes the sentences sound more natural or colloquial or something!

Example 1): (Food)

A) The last night dinner was great. I'm so hungry. Is there something left (over) from dinner to eat?

B) Uh, no! There is nothing left (over).

Example 2): (Money)

A) Did you buy all the items within the list I had provided you with David?

B) Yes

A) I gave you 300 dollars. How much money has been left (over)?

B) 130 dollars has been left (over).

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    I would say it was optional. Of course, there is a noun leftovers for food remaining from an earlier meal. – Kate Bunting Apr 22 '20 at 11:59

According to Cambridge Dictionary, "over" is optional

If something is left (over), it was not previously used or eaten

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