Please help me understand the meaning of the phrase "when the way you get around" in the following text from the description of the game "Bomb Chicken":

It can double as a barrier to keep enemies away, too. But these aren’t smart bombs – your payload is as deadly to you as anyone else. When the way you get around is also the biggest danger you face, exploring becomes thrillingly tense and tricky. But as long as you’re careful, you’ll never cry fowl – and there’s little more satisfying than mastering the ‘lay and punt’ technique, where you boot a freshly-fabricated bomb down a tunnel to clear it out, or at a distant switch to open a door. source

The lexical meaning of the phrase "get around" is "to succeed in something." However, I am not sure if it fits here.


To get around: to travel from one location to the next. "The way you get around" = the type of transportation that you use (bus, train, walking, bicycle, etc.)

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