I mean we only use it as an auxiliar in questions or affirmative sentences?

Could we use it with any verb in sentences?


I did jump yesterday -- I know this example is wrong but why we can't use it this way? Or with wich verbs could we use it?

Thank you very much!

PS: This is my first post. I hope I use the correct tags.

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It is grammatical in declarative sentences, but usually used only for emphasis, especially contrast, eg

He says you didn't go and see him yesterday.

I did go.

So I did jump yesterday is grammatical, but very unlikely to be said unless in response to something like

You didn't jump yesterday.


I don't think you've ever jumped.


You haven't done anything all week.

(The stress would probably be different in answering the three cases: stress on did in the first, yesterday in the second, no special emphasis in the third.) The second and third could also be simply I jumped yesterday.

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