1.When a connector is added to a co-ordinating conjunction what is the combined entity called ? An emphatic conjunction? Example-He is young and therefore,strong.(and therefore)

2.Similarly, when an adverb precedes a subordinating conjunction, what will the combined entity be called? Ex-if He arrived immediately after we left(immediately after) Thanks


He is young [and therefore strong].

There's no special name for the combination of "and" and "therefore". "And" is a coordinator (your conjunction) and "therefore" is a connective adverb. They work in combination, though it's just "and" that marks the coordination: "therefore" is thus a modifier within the second coordinate.

He arrived [immediately after we left].

Here, "immediately" is an adverbial modifier in the bracketed preposition phrase.

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  • Thanks Bill for your reply. My query is that if "therefore "is a modifier within the second coordinate which has only an adjective (strong) as its part. So, is it that the connective adverb here modifies the adjective. – Sanjay Apr 25 at 11:01
  • @Sanjay Not quite. The second coordinate is the adjective phrase "and therefore strong", where "and" is a coordinator, "therefore" a modifier and "strong" an adjective. – BillJ Apr 25 at 11:20

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