Is the following make sense from the context side and the grammatical one. ??

She was the prime minister :

1- she had held this post and she had remained in it for 10 years.

2- she had been in this post for 10 years.

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    (1) is an unnecessarily convoluted way of expressing the idea. – Kate Bunting Apr 28 at 8:54
  • @Kate Bunting Thank you .But, is it because it is grammatically wrong or just weak expression ?! – Mohamed kz Apr 28 at 9:31
  • No, if it had been grammatically wrong I would have said so. But if you simply want to state for how long someone had been PM, (2) is all you need. – Kate Bunting Apr 28 at 9:35
  • "is the following make sense" is not correct, you should say: "does the following make sense". – anouk Apr 28 at 17:20

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