Can i use the word "guys" in virtual learning session? Example: Thank you Guys! Because, this is the first time i am speaking with him and it is dificult to call his name and other person also there. I want to thank both of them. which is correct form?

  • If there are two of them and you don't know them well, you could just say 'Thank you both.' – Kate Bunting Apr 28 '20 at 12:14

As a Canadian, I would say "thanks guys" or (to be more specific) "thanks guys for attending/participating/taking the time to ..." to a group (of mixed gender) that I knew well or in an informal setting. You could substitute many other phrases there - e.g., "helping me understand", "setting this up", "your work on the project"

For a more formal setting or if you did not know them, I would say "thank you for attending/participating/taking the time to ..." or "thank you all for " or (if 2 people) "thank you both for "

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