sure(adv): ​used to emphasize something that you are saying

Boy, it sure is hot.

‘Amazing view’. ‘Sure is.’

I sure hope you are right about that.

That song sure as hell sounds familiar.

He sure looked unhappy.

Working in technology sure beats flipping burgers.

I sure do agree with that.

I often hear "sure is" or "sure do" but do people use "sure" with other kinds of auxiliaries such as "sure won't", "sure can", "sure couldn't", etc.?

For examples,

A: I won’t do it for free.

B: Sure won't

A: I can lift this heavy box.

B: Sure can

A: I couldn't do it.

B: Sure couldn't

A: They sang very well.

B: Sure did

A: They have been very nice to us.

B: Sure have

A: Do you cook for me?

B: Sure do ...

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    You left out a few: Sure might; Sure should and the negatives: Sure shouldn't/sure wouldn't.
    – Lambie
    May 30, 2021 at 22:07

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All those in the second list sound good to me and I have used and heard similar usages.

In the first list, I have heard and used them all, but I would use "That song sounds familiar as hell" rather than "That song sure as hell sounds familiar" (again, the latter is fine and I have heard the usage plenty of times).

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