What's the meaning of 'struggle to tackle' in this sentence?

"How many of us struggle to tackle a problem or goal because it just seems beyond our capabilities to deal with."

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You'd have to read in context

"Struggle" can mean "make a great effort", (this is generally the positive sense) It can also mean "have great difficulty" (in this sense it has a negative tone). It also has noun and verb senses, which overlap with the meanings above.

For example

They struggled for years to achieve equality and civil rights.

John is struggling in maths, and is unlikely to achieve a passing grade.

Looking at your example, the context gives "because it seems [too difficult]" This must be the meaning "Have great difficulty". It implies that many people are unable to tackle these problems.

Finally "to tackle a problem" is to take action to deal with the problem.

My bedroom is too cold. I'm going to tackle this problem by installing heaters.

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