I would just like to know because I do not know the meaning and I would like some clarification so please can someone clarify what it is

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    Did you look it up in a dictionary? – The Photon Apr 29 at 17:05
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    Which part exactly you don't understand? – Vahid2015 Apr 29 at 17:16
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    You have several questions on this site about what "interesting" means. As several people have commented, you can use a dictionary to answer such a question. For a nice online option, I suggest Merriam-Webster: merriam-webster.com – RuslanD Apr 29 at 18:09

Very interesting has quite a simple definition. It just means that it's something that catches your attention, or it may be pleasing or entertaining. You may say "very interesting" if someone shows you their antique car collection.

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