I came cross the following text in the cambridge online dictionary.

( Used to refer to something that is of higher than usual quality) I did some paraphrase and deleted what I thought it was redundant.I need someone to tell me whether what I did have been right or not ??

1- Used to refer to something of higher than usual quality.

2- Used to refer to something that is of higher quality than usual.

3- Used to refer to something that is of quality higher than usual.


To my ear,

3) sounds awkward, and while I don't know if it technically poor grammar, I have never seen it or would never use it. You could say: "Used to refer to something that is of a quality higher than usually seen (in this market)"

2) Is fine, but

1) is best (unless you want to emphasise the idea of seen in this market or this country, etc - in which case use the suggestion in 3) above).

Premium is also a good word (see https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/premium)

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  • Thank you a lot for the answer. But when it comes to number 1 I just removed "that is" from the original text.My question , why whoever wrote this text used "that is " in the first place ?? – Mohamed kz May 1 at 9:31

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