I know English has inversion features. And So does my first language.

She can speak Swahili and so can I.

— this sounds totally correct.

Then how about using as instead of so:

She can speak Swahili and as can I.

— this sentence reads little kind of strange though. regarding “as do I.” is grammatically correct, what do you say about this one.


The sentence "She can speak Swahili and as can I." is grammatically incorrect. You have two conjunctions in this sentence: "and" and "as". By removing the "and", the sentence becomes proper:

She can speak Swahili as can I.

In your first example, "so" is not being used as a conjunction, it's being used to mean "too", so it's fine.

  • Sweet! Your very answer makes sense, thank you. – Tiz Apr 30 '20 at 14:52

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