I am going to say I am usually in time at my meetings. I wonder which choice is the more idiomatic one in English to be used within the construction below:

  • Habitually, I usually arrive at my meetings five minutes.........

a. early
b. earlier

Added: Long time ago, I asked a similar question, which contained a comparison between a current time and sometime earlier to that. Here, I think the there is not such a comparison involved. However, that is what I think. Others are free to dispute it.

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    Does this answer your question? Early vs Earlier May 3, 2020 at 13:07
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    (b) would only make sense if you had arrived later than usual today. It would imply 'earlier than this' or 'earlier than I did today'. (By the way, you don't need both habitually and usually in the same sentence.) May 3, 2020 at 14:25

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I would personally use early as a native speaker but both are acceptable, if you use earlier, I recommend you change your sentence to:

Habitually, I usually arrive at my meetings five minutes earlier than scheduled

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