Which preposition to use to describe the following:

1-Countries which are weak will become on top .

2-Countries which are weak will become on the top.

3- Counntries which are weak will become at the top.

  • All three expressions (on top, on the top, and at the top) are grammatical, with different meanings. None of them collocate with become. What you mean, I think, is either will come out on top or will get to the top. These two are not the same: on top means "on top of all others", whereas at/to the top means "among those at the top, not necessarily above them all". – Colin Fine May 4 at 11:00
  • @Colin Fine Thank you for the explanation. So can I say "They will be on top", "on the top" ,"at the top" – Mohamed kz May 5 at 11:46

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