I have collaborated with David in funding applications and paper writing.
I have collaborated with David in applying for fundings and writing papers.

which sentence sounds more natural to native ears? and the reasons?


The second sentence is better, except that "fundings" might be better as a non-count noun. The problem with the first sentence is that "funding applications" could be read as a verb followed by a direct object.

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  • thank you, what if I rearrange the first sentence: I have collaborated with David in paper writing and funding applications. Then the problem of confusion solved. Which sentence is better now? – Elizabeth May 5 at 13:57
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    "Funding applications" can still be read as verb+object. The second sentence doesn't have that ambiguity, and it has the style advantage of using the two verbs "applying" and "writing" in a parallel way. – Jack O'Flaherty May 5 at 14:29

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