To enumerate all the pairs of jeans I have, using commas and without repeating "pair", may I put it like this:

I have a pink, a black, a grey, two dark and a blue pairs of jeans.

Should I replace the determiner "a" by the numeral "one"? The seems really problematic.


Yes it is better to frame this as a series. They are all pants. The 'a' is problematic only that the 'single pairs' are not grouped, but divided by 'two dark'. If disclosing the amount is important the 'two dark' is grammatically correct to be last.

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    To me: 'pairs' doesn't sound right here, probably because of its proximity to a singular in the list. And for the case where it's (as above) one of each of the items in a list except one item that has multiple, I'd move that last. And I would lean toward one rather than 'a.' Thus: "I have one pink, one black, one gray, one blue, and two dark pairs of jeans." Though that is surely not the only way. – user114352 May 6 '20 at 14:00

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