Imagine two guys are fighting and A has grabbed B by the collar.

B: let it go
A: Hey, I'll excuse you this time! Make sure this will not happen again! Next time, I'll treat you in another way.

I wonder if the bold statement above sounds correct English, If not then please let me know how should I say that?

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    That preposition in seems to be redundant! – Cardinal May 6 at 20:20
  • "differently" would be more likely than "in another way". The rest of it doesn't sound very idiomatic, though. – Jack O'Flaherty May 6 at 20:47
  • @Jack O'Flashery then how would you phrase it in everyday informal speech? – A-friend May 6 at 20:51
  • Well, you don't have an almost fight every day, but... "I'll let it go this time, but make sure it doesn't happen again, or I'll teach you a lesson you wont forget." The possibilities are limitless. – Jack O'Flaherty May 6 at 21:16
  • Thank you, but I need to know how shall I rephrase "Next time, I'll treat you in another way" @Jack O'Flaherty. – A-friend May 6 at 21:26

A is saying that next time he's gonna treat (beat/fight/hurt) B in another way

This time A slapped B next time he will kick/punch B

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  • But your answer is against what @Jack O'Flaherty as a native speaker mentioned. – A-friend May 7 at 10:35
  • He's saying right, i told you differently – Sagar Tamang May 7 at 13:15

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