I am wondering which following sentences does not sound idiomatic? (To me they all mean the same thing. If there is any nuance, then please let me know.)

1.a. Thank you for taking the time "helping me".
1.b. Thank you for taking the time "to help me".
2.a. Thank you for putting in the time "helping me."
2.b. Thank you for putting in the time "to help me."

P.S. My old thread is unable to answer this question.


The idiom "take the time" is normally followed by the to-infinitive whereas "put in (some time)"--by the preposition "on".

So, "Thank you for taking the time to help me" sounds quite idiomatic.

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  • Please kindly let me know what is wrong with the other options @Victor B. – A-friend May 7 at 19:55
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    @A-friend - They're just not idiomatic, even if they will be understood. Once you're using an idiom, use it as it is set as an unchangeable expression) – Victor B. May 7 at 20:10

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