I heard native speakers rarely use passive expressions.

Is it correct to say something like "I got attacked"?


  • I’m attacked by him.
  • I got attacked by him.
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    It's not true. There seems to be an unsubstantiated guidance against passive constructions in general. Many more people use passive constructions (certainly informally) than the prohibitive style guidance that seems so common. There are also good reason to use passive construction in some context. Your example is one of them. But I would keep it as just I got attacked. I'm attacked doesn't sound normal. – Jason Bassford May 13 at 20:36
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    Why not say, "I was attacked" or "He attacked me"? Sounds much more natural to me than "I got attacked by him". – Micah Windsor May 13 at 23:20

"I got attacked" is an acceptable idiomatic way of saying "I was attacked", referring to a past event.

"I'm attacked" is a contraction of "I am attacked", and is in the present tense. The correct way to say that you are presently under attack is "I am being attacked".

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  • Thanks so much! Very helpful! :D – user115018 May 15 at 0:39

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