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A child's sitting in a stroller holding a bottle of water without a cap.

Is it natural to say to the child:

"Please hold the bottle upright! Don't tip it upside down as you might spill water in the stroller"?

There are many issues that I need to think about.

-1st, "Hold the bottle upright! don't tip it upside down" is too much to express.

Depending on the amount of water in the bottle, if the water is a lot, it will spill if the bottle is tipped at a small angle (may be 20 or 30 degrees).

If the water is little, it will spill if the bottle is tipped at a greater angle (may be 90 or 100 degrees).

To say "tip it upside down" means "to tip it at 180 degrees" which is too much.

Similarly, to keep the water in the bottle, we don't need to "**hold the bottle upright!" extremely. If the water is a lot, you may hold it almost upright. Id the water is little, you may not tip it at a greater angle.

Do we have any idioms to be used with "hold" & "tip" to mean to keep the water inside the bottle?

-2nd, is it okay to say "to spill water in the stroller"? We often say "to spill water on the floor", so "to spill in something" sounds uncommon. Do you say "to spill water on the seat of the stroller"?

  • "Please hold the bottle upright so that the water does not spill." You are trying to say/explain too much in one sentence. It does not matter where the water spills, or how much water is in the bottle, or whether a stroller has a floor or a seat. Keep it simple. – Weather Vane May 15 at 10:22
  • 1
    If the child is as young as the one in the picture, you should have used a capped bottle like the one they are holding. If the child is older than that one, they might understand "Don't tip it!". – Jack O'Flaherty May 15 at 14:53

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