I have come across in the TV show Friends. Here is the context:

Ross: Look, this is just a little too familiar, okay? For like, for like six months before Carol and I spilt up, all I heard was: "My friend Susan is so smart. My friend Susan is so funny. My friend Susan is so great."

Chandler: You actually think that something can happen between Emily and Susan?

Ross: Hey, they’re going to the gym together! Two women! Stretching! Y’know they-they take a steam together! Things get a little playful—didn’t you see Personal Best?


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A 'steam' probably means a steam bath or sauna, where people are undressed. Ross has a lascivious imagination. 'Personal Best' is a 1982 movie in which two women athletes have a gay affair, and which features nudity in a sauna. The New York Times called that section 'horsing around in the steam room', and said, of the film, "Unless you're fascinated by all of the prettified slow-motion footage of Chris, Tory and the other women athletes, your eye is likely to wander to your watch long before the end."

  • Not probably, for sure.
    – Lambie
    May 16, 2020 at 18:03

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