Look at the following example:

David said, “I’m baking a chocolate cake for you.’’

Some says the sentence between the inverted commas is called reporting speech. and some says it reported speech.

Which is correct? why?


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Neither is correct as that is direct speech.

David said that he was baking a cake for me

Would be the equivalent reported speech.

Reporting speech is not correct at all.


Reported speech: reporting clause, reported clause, reporting verbs

Reported speech (both direct and indirect) consists of two parts: the reporting clause and the reported clause. (clause not speech). The reporting clause includes a verb such as say, tell, ask, reply, shout, usually in the past simple, and the reported clause includes what the original speaker said.

Explanation with examples.

  1. David said, (reporting clause, reporting verb = said) “I’m baking a chocolate cake for you.’’ (reported clause.)
  2. Clarissa told me (reporting clause) she’s thinking of moving to Canada. (reported clause)


  • The answer explains what is reported clause and reporting clause as the term reporting speech is not there. Reported speech means indirect speech and it is not a part of a sentence. Commented Jun 12 at 16:36

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