Is there a word we can use to refer to big clusters of clouds, attached or unattached? I am thinking there might be a word, but I've never really heard of words related to cloud being used in any book I've ever read. I keep seeing words related to a type of clouds, but not related to a group or cluster.


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There are many choices.
English corpora
If you search there with the phrases
a NOUN of clouds or
the NOUN of clouds
you will see many options (ranked by frequency).
These are a few from the first page: mass, sea, line, blanket, layer, canopy et al.


Jack's answer is good (and useful for poets), but the most idiomatic noun for a mass of clouds is bank. The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) includes a sub-entry for cloud-bank, citing one J. Hodgson (1858): "A cloud-bank that seemed to rest on the sea."

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