Imagine that, Alice is writing a report for a news website

... With Femtosecond Laser, many kinds of ophthalmic diseases could be cured ...

Michael suggests

"Ophthalmic" sounds too professional for ordinary audience to understand, how about "eye diseases"

where Michael uses "professional" as the opposite of "Plain English", is the use clear and common?

  • I would use 'technical' as the opposite of 'plain' in that context. May 25, 2020 at 9:04

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"Opthalmic" sounds too professional for ordinary audience.

It clearly means it's a medical term that means 'relating to eye'. It may be obscure to the ordinary audience.

Opthalmic diseases is a professional or technical term, the plain English of which is "eye diseases".


Formal is the term you are looking for.

"Ophthalmic" is too formal, what about "eye diseases"? –

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