I write an essay about effects of pandemic on people's life. I want to describe remote work or learning online. Should I write:

1.During this pandemic some people works from home.

2.During this pandemic some people are working from home.

the same with:

1.Students learn online.

2.Students are learning online.

When I checked in google, there are more results with Present Continuous tense, but I can't understand why. It's not something that happens now, in this exact moment but it's just a fact that they work/learn like that because of this whole pandemic situation.

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    [some people (plural noun) work at home.] [I'm writing an essay].
    – Lambie
    Commented May 25, 2020 at 14:44

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The present continuous can be used to describe a temporary habit. Compare:

  • I work in an office but these days I 'm working from home.

  • We always eat in the dining room but now it's being painted so we 're eating in the kitchen.

  • I sleep in my bedroom but my cousins have come over so I 'm sleeping in the living room.

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