Is there a verb for slowly descending? For example, when a snowflake is slowly descending from the sky, is there a verb we can use instead?


There are a couple of possibilities. Both are from Merriam-Webster.


1 a : to become driven or carried along (as by a current of water, wind, or air)
      // a balloon drifting in the wind
2 b : to move or float smoothly and effortlessly


The snowflake drifted down.


2 a : to sink gradually or to the bottom


The snowflake settled to the ground.

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  • "Filtered down" has a connotation of slowness too. – Jack O'Flaherty May 26 at 5:39
  • @JackO'Flaherty I wouldn't use filtered to talk about a falling snowflake though. Only some kind of liquid and for smaller distances. – Jason Bassford May 26 at 12:46

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