Is there a word for large group of horses? I know there's "flock" for birds, but I am wondering if there's a similar word for horses and land mammals.

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    Closed before I could answer. There is a particular use of stable which means a group of horses. Although it usually means a place where a horse is kept, it goes further, as Lexico says: stable² 1.2 The racehorses of a particular training establishment. A memorial service is planned for Lyon next July at Monmouth, where he trained a small stable. – Weather Vane May 26 at 20:49

The word you want is herd:

1 a : a typically large group of animals of one kind kept together under human control
      // a herd of cattle
1 b : a congregation of gregarious wild animals
      // herds of antelopes


I see a flock of birds and a herd of horses.

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In addition to Jason Bassford's excellent answer, you could also say:

1. Troop: A group of people or animals of a particular kind.


Example: A troop of horses.

2. Stud: A collection of horses or other domesticated animals belonging to one person.

Example: He kept a large stud of racehorses.

A stud of horses implies that the horses are kept specifically for breeding. You can't use stud in general sense.


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    "stud" imples that the horses are kept specifically for breeding. – James K May 26 at 21:37
  • @JamesK, Indeed, but without further context, all the options are equally acceptable. – Wistful May 27 at 4:24
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    I think it is worth you including that in your answer. You can't use "a stud of horses" in general sense, It implies more than just "a group". – James K May 27 at 5:51

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