In this sentence is it better to use there are or where are? There/Where are more gamers, so it's market for the....

  • Hi Dan! I don't think there's enough context in your sentence fragment to answer your question. Ordinarily, especially if used at the beginning of a sentence, "where" is a question word - you're asking about the location of gamers. There and where can't be used as substitutes for one another, so it's hard to get a sense of what you're trying to say. "There" seems the likelier choice, from the sentence fragment we've seen so far. "So it's market for that" is not grammatical English: you need an article ("a", or more likely "the") to go before "market". Good luck! – Micah Cowan May 27 at 1:59
  • Ok, so where is used for location, and what does There exactly mean? – Dan Amazing May 27 at 2:17
  • Where is not only used for location; it has several other uses. and there is also often used for location (and also has several other uses). It depends on how it's being used. Your sentence fragment appears to use the definition 3 of the adverb from this entry for the word, that starts with "(usually there is/are)". – Micah Cowan May 27 at 2:24
  • Ok, thank you for your help! – Dan Amazing May 27 at 3:17
  • If you use there you are stating a fact. If you use where you are asking a question. When writing the sentence, is the location of the gamers known? Are you pointing at them, or is the room empty? – Jason Bassford May 27 at 4:17

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