To use Gmail, I need to create **an account __ ** Google first and then I can sign in.

In the description above, should I use the preposition "on", "to" or "for"?

  • You write an email TO someone

  • You send an email TO the editor/author of a website.

  • You set up an account WITH a company.

  • You create a Stack Exchange account
    You create an account ON Stack Exchange

  • You work FOR a company

  • You do a task or job FOR someone.

Therefore, the OP should use the preposition on in the blank

To use Gmail, I need to create an account ON Google first and then I can sign in.

From Stack Overflow

To create an account on Stack Overflow, please sign up through Google, Facebook, or create a new Stack Exchange account using an email address and password.

In addition to creating an account for this site (and its associated meta-discussion site), you will also have a Stack Exchange network profile, which is accessible from your user page on any site where you have an account. This means that if you create an account on any other Stack Exchange site, it will be linked to your account here.

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