Is it possible not to use the pronoun "I" when it occurs very often? For example, there are sentences:

I will have breakfast now. Then I will go for a walk. Then I will go to sleep.

Is it possible to write/speak like this:

I will have breakfast now. Then _ will go for a walk. Then _ will go to sleep.

That is, it is clear that this is about me and I don’t want to use the pronoun "I" too often, because in my language it is not modest and testifies to egocentricity. What about English?

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    No, but you can say "I will have breakfast, then go for a walk, then go to sleep." Not because repeating 'I' is immodest, just to avoid repeating the same form of words. – Kate Bunting May 29 at 11:08
  • @Kate Bunting Thank you very much! It is interesting. – alexrnov May 29 at 11:20

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