The Passage is from Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem. what is this line: "Word in the college is 1987 is going to be worse." means? Also, who is Maureen Pringle?


GINGER: That’s right, mate.

PROFESSOR: How does that work?

GINGER: Basically, I spin sick beats. Bring the ruckus. Drop the bomb on the people at the back ’cause the people at the back don’t take no slack.

PROFESSOR: Fascinating. It’s Maureen, isn’t it?

GINGER: That’s right, mate. Maureen.

PROFESSOR: Maureen Pringle.

GINGER: Doctor Maureen Pringle. How do you do?

PROFESSOR: How are you finding the funding cuts over there?

GINGER: I think it’s disgraceful. I don’t see how we’re going to meet our quotas. It’s like a sausage factory.

PROFESSOR: Word in the college is 1987 is going to be worse.

JOHNNY: I suggest you bring the ruckus.

GINGER: Just you try and stop me…

PROFESSOR: That’s the spirit, Maureen.

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It is unofficially stated [by people] in the college that 1987 is going to be worse.

Meaning of (the) word is in English

(the) word is
used to refer to something that has been reported but not officially stated:

The word is (that) more hostages will be released over the next few weeks.

(The) word is (Canbridge Dictionary)

Speaker GINGER tells PROFESSOR that her first name is Maureen and when PROFESSOR says "Maureen Pringle" GINGER adds that she is Doctor Maureen Pringle.

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