If I want to ask question, how should I ask?

Answer is given below;

Akbar was the third king.

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  • Are you possibly asking for Akbar's ordinality - was he first, second, twenty-fifth? That question was addressed here. – StoneyB Jun 6 '14 at 1:39
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    Which part of the answer are you questioning? Who was Akbar? Which king (first, second or third) was Akbar? Who was the third king? What (king, jester, prince) was Akbar? @CoolHandLouis has tried to cover many possibilities, but which are you looking for? – jimsug Jun 6 '14 at 1:43

Who was Akbar? Akbar was the third king.

Who was the third king? Akbar was the third king.

Was Akbar the first, second, or third king? Akbar was the third king.

Was Akbar the third jester, prince, or king? Akbar was the third king.

Note that additional context is needed for these questions to be answerable. For example, these questions would make sense if a student was taking an exam and had just read a short story about Akbar, the various kings, etc. But just going up to someone randomly and asking "Who was the third king?" would just get you a blank stare.

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