Due to the complicated plots, you may consume a lot of brain energy to understand it.

In Chinese we call it "burning brain".

What's burning brain movie! I watched it 3 times for fully understanding it.

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    A difficult plot or text can be said to be: confusing, convoluted, taxing, a struggle to follow/understand, difficult to follow etc. – Mari-Lou A Jun 1 at 8:08
  • We might call it a brain-teaser" or a *Chinese puzzle. 'Brain-teaser' is more commonly used, though 'Chinese puzzle' - referring to puzzles like Tangram, where you move the shapes around to try and fit them together - might be a more accurate description. We might also call the plot 'dense' or 'convoluted'. – Old Brixtonian Jun 1 at 9:39

You can use the expression brain-racking:

10 Brain-Racking Movies for a Lazy Evening

  • There are those types of movies that not only grab your full attention from the very beginning but they also manage to trick your mind so that you're unable to figure out what's going on...

  • This selection of 10 great movies will make you rack your brains to try and figure out how their plots will unfold.

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    This is not a good suggestion. If I rack my brains it's because I'm trying to find a solution or remember something. It's not really connected to studying a difficult text or watching a complicated movie. – Mari-Lou A Jun 1 at 8:10

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