How could the following twit be explained:

Tech companies, y'all are sleeping on me. I'm available to hire now and that won't always be the case. Whoever gets me is getting a great team member.

The source.


"Sleep on someone" is an informal phrase; some might consider it a slang. It basically means to ignore someone for whatever reason.

sleep on (someone or something) (The Free Dictionary)

(slang) To fail to appreciate or ignore the significance of someone or something. Typically used as an imperative.

Note this is different from "sleep on it", which means

to think more about something overnight and make a decision about it later (Merriam-Webster)

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  • So the twit author is demonstrating a piece of impudence, right? – Evgeni Nabokov Jun 6 at 5:31
  • @EvgeniNabokov It is the other way round. The author is claiming that it is the tech companies who are ignoring him/her or his/her skills. The author might have applied for a job at a number of tech companies and may have been rejected or may not have heard back from them. The author feels that the tech companies are not showing him/her the respect they deserve. – AIQ Jun 6 at 5:34

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