I need to describe discounts, splitting their components in 3 parameters and I would like to understand which are the best words I can use.


  • New client discount, 10 euro
  • Personal discount, 15 %
  • Unconditional discount, 5 dollars

The components are so grouped

  • 5, 15, 10 = can I call this "value"?
  • fixed (euro, dollars), percent = can I call this "type"?
  • new client, personal, unconditional = should I use "kind" for this?

Type, kind and sort of seems to me quite the same... and I don't know if they are good for my case.

Thanks a lot!


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If these are going to be listed in columns and you are looking for headings, then going by your examples I would suggest value or amount, type, and reason. I would prefer amount to value because in a commercial context value suggests to me the actual currency figure.

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