From an ELL post

However, after I'm exposed to a lot of youtube videos made by native English speakers, I somehow have a tendency to favor the first one. The first one seems to instantly come out of my mind. But I can't convince myself to accept the former when it comes to conscious reasoning.

From another post

To make it seem less terrible, many of the lies that come out of my mind, are either so that I don’t have to explain when someone misunderstands me, or to make fun of myself.

I googled it but got neither definition nor explanation of the phrase. What's the meaning of "come out of my mind"?

From Ngram Viewer

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"comes out of my mind" gets 13,500 hits in Google Books.

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Neither of the sources you quote are reliable - one is an ELL post, presumably from an English language learner, the other a comment on an article from a reader.

"Come to mind" is an idiomatic expression to describe the recall of thoughts, for example:

  • When I think of great composers, Beethoven comes to mind.

In your first example, this idiom would fit perfectly and make sense in context, so I think that is just a mistake.

In your second example, although not idiomatic, it makes sense to say that thoughts "come out of" one's mind. However, I think a more idiomatic way to express that would be to say that thoughts come from one's mind.

  • Thank you. "fit perfectly ... so that is just a mistake" confuses me, would you please explain a little bit?
    – WXJ96163
    Jun 9, 2020 at 12:16

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