We are playing with a red hard ball.

We are playing with a hard red ball.

Can we use both 'red hard ball' and 'hard red ball'? Are they both correct or one of them is correct? I think both hard red ball and red hard ball are interchangeable.


I would say that the second sentence is correct, the first one sounds odd to my ears. When we use more than one adjective before a noun, there is often a preferred order of those adjectives. In this case, the correct order is:

a hard red ball. (= quality + colour + noun)

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    Why not give the 'preferred order'? general opinion, specific opinion, size, shape, age, colour, nationality, material – Michael Harvey Jun 11 at 17:14
  • Thank you Michael for elaborating the meaning. It helped a lot – user116295 Jun 11 at 20:38

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