A good Captain needs to be steadfast, continuing to hold the wheel and stay the course even during the most violent storm.

I faced with the above sentence at an App, but I think the parallelism does not respect here. For instance, "continuing" should be "continue", am I right?
If participle clause is used here, I mean "continuing" , then "stay" should be in participle present,


I think the last phrase "stay the course" is more parallel to "hold the wheel", and that both of those phrases are linked to the verb "continuing". So, it's

"continuing to [hold the wheel and stay the course]

So, "be steadfast" is accomplished by "continuing" those two things.

I think using "continue" would make that structure less clear.

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  • Then, we have a participle clause in "continuing" and parallelism in "stay", am I right? – Alan Jun 11 at 17:28
  • Yes. The parallelism is between "stay the course" and "hold the wheel". – Jack O'Flaherty Jun 11 at 17:46

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