After reading a text, I came across this sentence

Nobody dared bid on the priceless antique vase.

Is this sentence grammatically correct ? Thanks guys


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The verb 'dare', with the meaning in your example, can be followed either with a 'to infinitive' (e.g. 'dared to bid') or the bare form of a verb ('dared bid'). Either form is grammatical.

Dare also means ‘to be brave enough or rude enough to do something’. With this meaning, it can be used as an ordinary main verb which can be followed by a to-infinitive or an infinitive without to. Less commonly, it can be used as a semi-modal verb followed by an infinitive without to.

Affirmative statement If Sally dares (to) go there again, she’ll be in big trouble! (ordinary verb)

Negative statement He doesn’t dare (to) go there. (ordinary verb)

No one dares (to) go there. (ordinary verb)

No one dare go there. (semi-modal verb)

Dare (Cambridge Dictionary)

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