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In other words, is it common to use "get" to refer to the position in a sentence?

Which uses the preposition "in" there. Ngram Viewer shows "of" is also common.

enter image description here

Do they mean the same thing? Which one should I use here?

  • I don't see that "position in / of" text anywhere in the linked question. But your question here doesn't make sense to me anyway. The position of the sentence identifies where the sentence itself is located (in a book, for example). But the position in the sentence identifies some particular position within a sentence (between the third and fourth word, for example). There's no "meaning" to how often either of those two text strings happen to occur in Google's indexes. Jun 14, 2020 at 11:32

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'Of' and 'in' are semantically very different.

position in the sentence

This refers to the location of something placed within a sentence.

position of the sentence

This refers to the position of the entire sentence within a paragraph, for example.

Without commenting on the other question you've linked to, your example calls for the use of in.

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