Is the following phrase is ok to be used :

I have been doing this for five years (consistently /successively)

  • Yes, that is okay.............. – Bruce Murray Jun 14 at 13:00

Your sentence:

I have been doing this for five years (consistently /successively).

There are two adverbs there. They have different meanings. "Successively" means five years in a row. It would usually be put "five years in succession", but it's understandable with "successively".

"Consistently" means that you have been doing it without deviation.

There is some overlap in the meanings, but they aren't synonyms.

For example, "I have been going to work by the main road for five years in succession, but I occasionally go by another route."

In that case, my use of the main road has been sustained for five years, but it's not perfectly consistent.

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