He lashed out on Twitter and took the unusual step of threatening a lawsuit over the result, a move that might be called dubious in the same way that LeBron James might be called athletic. It is — but that’s underselling the point a bit.

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    Calling LeBron athletic is like a calling a Ferrari a car. It does not describe the full extent of his ability. Hence, calling Trump's move dubious, in turn, does not describe the full extent of how groundless he claim is. – Bruce Murray Jun 15 at 14:47

It is trivially obvious that LeBron James, a great athlete, is athletic. Thus, this comparison makes the point that it is trivially obvious that the lawsuit in question is dubious, meaning not justified. "Underselling" is equivalent to "understating", not saying something strongly enough. So, the lawsuit is worse than dubious, it's ridiculously unjustified.

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