I have to send my opinion to my english teacher and I'm not sure if this past perfect tense is correct in this context. Firstly I used Past simple "the things we learned about", which also seems to me correct, but maybe past Perfect is better to emphasize that: firstly the teacher explained a topic of a lesson, learned us (so it was first action that's why past perfect), and later, during the rest of the lesson we were talking and practicing vocabulary or grammar.

I think the most important thing in this course was talking to each other, which helped to practice and to remember the things we had learned about.

  • If this is a very recent course that has just finished you should stick to the present perfect and continuous................. I think the most important thing in this course has been talking to each other, which has helped us practice and remember the things we have learned about. Commented Jun 15, 2020 at 19:48

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If you choose to use past perfect, you are setting the temporal focus to a time after you learnt the things - here, the time when you were talking and practising.

If you use the simple past, you are not setting a temporal focus.

Both are grammatical, both are idiomatic, and both refer to exactly the same events.

[By the way, the teacher taught you, they didn't learn you. You may also notice that I prefer the past/pp learnt to learned. Both are used in British English, but I think learnt is rare in American English.]

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