This is purely for communication via online social media for the proper use of a phrase which I am unsure of its proper structure;

which of the following is proper use:
1.) They and I,
2.) Them and I,
3.) Them and me?

For example: "the only difference between ... and ... is this"

If there's something I'm missing could someone please inform me?


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It depends on where you want to use the phrase. If it is a subject, you should say they and I. If it is an object, you should say them and me.

The example you gave should be the only difference between them and me is this, because them and me is the object of the preposition between.

By contrast, you should say they and I agree with you that the party should be next weekend, because they and I is the subject of the sentence.


I believe it it them and me.

“The only difference between them and me is xyz”

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