I am writing a manual like below:

  1. do A.
  2. do B.
  3. do C (omit the details).

step 3 is already mentioned in another document, the reader of this manual already knows the details. so I want to indicate step 3 is only the abbreviation. What is the best word put into ( ? )

  • Depending on the exact context, I would either include it anyway (there's no guarantee that somebody knows the other details, and repetition in technical manuals in some cases isn't bad), or say something like For more information, see …, and provide a hyperlinked heading to the other section or chapter, or a hyperlinked title of the other document. I wouldn't recommend using a single word in this case. Jun 17, 2020 at 20:39

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In the order of preference:

Choice 1:

Instead of "(omit the details)", write "Refer to section 3.4.1". That is, give them a "hyperlink" to the information. This seems like the best option.

Choice 2:

If you strongly believe the reader already knows the answer (which might be an incorrect assumption) then just say "do C", and nothing more.

Choice 3:

Write "The details have been omitted" which could be abbreviated as only two words - "details omitted".

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