On some freelancer pages, webdesigner are payed per section of a webpage. However, I found many webdesigner who use pages or screen synonymously for section, especially non-native freelancer from Sri Lanka / Pakistan / Bangladesh. I wonder, is this correct usage? Or is this a common non-native English speaker issue?

Example: One webpage with 3 sections:

enter image description here

Some examples of webdesign offers on freelancer page:

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

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I'm not sure how well this answers the technical problem that you have, but yes, page screen and section all have rather different meanings to me, as an IT Pro.

However the problem that you have, is that the meaning depends on context (doesn't everything?) So, for example, a single PHP file may produce every single visible page on a particular website, so to the site owner, there may be thousands of pages, but to a back-end developer there is only one page, producing loads of screens.

'Section' is a little harder - it could mean a small part of a page (there is an HTML element precisely for this) or it could be the equivalent of a chapter in a book, i.e. a whole bunch of URL's. In older (pre-internet) applications, the usual term for what we might now call a page is screen, since the exact size of the screen was usually well defined.

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