I am confused about the meaning of "dark - flowering kisses". Would be so grateful for any ideas, as I have none :(

Here's the context: "Before he knew what he was doing,he crushed his mouth over hers, holding her head so she couldn’t jerk back. She tasted like lavender sugar. Sweet, dark-flowering kisses, opening in a way that focused all his senses on this one moment, this one blinding perception of pleasure."

Excerpt from Lisa Kleypas book "Dream Lake"

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    Isn't she just continuing the theme of a lavender from taste to analogy? The next word is "opening", as in the marvel of a flower opening. Commented Jun 18, 2020 at 10:44

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I think it is a metaphor describing the kisses as like flowers that bloom at night. It is certainly more poetical than precise.

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