Does "huge" and "inert" are two adjectives for "bulk"?

IT is difficult within any reasonable compass to follow the rise of various mediums in the United States, and a study of one or two outstanding cases must typify the whole. The years 1874 and 1875 were years of great psychic activity, bringing conviction to some and scandal to others. On the whole the scandal seems to have predominated, but whether rightly or not is a question which may well be debated. The opponents of psychic truth having upon their side the clergy of the various churches, organized science, and the huge inert bulk of material mankind, had the lay Press at their command, with the result that everything that was in its favour was suppressed or contorted, and everything which could tell against it was given the widest publicity.

history of spiritualism

  • Are you asking if huge and inert describe bulk.? Yes! – Bruce Murray Jun 18 '20 at 21:20

Yes, "huge, inert" describes "bulk of material mankind".

"...the huge inert bulk of material mankind" seems to be 19th century for "silent majority". The word "material" means those who are alive. Including that word tries to hold open the possibility that there is an immaterial mankind, i.e. the departed in the form of spirits, who are not opponents of psychic truth.

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